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April 2022 Board Meeting Recap

April 2022 Board Meeting

You can find the agenda for the meeting here.

The board meeting video for each section of the agenda is linked below.


Resolution of Commendation Awards

  • Taft MS Dance Team State Champions in Junior High Pom, State Champions in Junior High Ensemble, and State Runner-up in Junior High Solo.
taft team photo with dancers holding certificates

Patron's Comments on Educational Issues

Consent Agenda

  • Introduction of Alyssa Bell, new assistant principal for Eisenhower Elementary

Action Items

  • Approved the CKLA curriculum adoption for 2022-23 for elementary
  • Approved CPHS out-of-country field trip to France and Spain
  • Approved bid package for upcoming construction at Col. Wheeler Middle School.

Information Items

  • Thank you to the teams of teachers who build our Buzz courses and help with curriculum review
  • Thank you to principals for their efforts as we are in the busiest part of hiring season
  • Military ceremony for grads at CPHS will take place next week
  • Exceptional Education Parent Advisory Group meeting was held last week
  • First annual Transition Fair for exceptional learners will be Wednesday evening
  • Thank you to our building level social media reps who have made more than 1500 Facebook posts this year that have had nearly 1 million views
  • Recognition of and thanks to the many contractors who are bidding on our construction projects, as well as Skillman and Gibraltar for their attention to detail and support.

Other Business of the Board

  • Thank you to the Lacrosse team for sharing their comments earlier. Explanation of next steps for the team's concerns/requests.
  • Explanation of the August 10th start date for 2022-2023 school year.

Board statements of appreciation

  • Thanks for organizing Coffee & Conversation with superintendent Dr. Terrill, and for making himself available to meet with community.
  • Board was recognized via the ISBA for their continuing education.
  • Wheeler and Taft MS bands and orchestra for their state ISSMA awards.
  • Scott Reid - congrats on his retirement.
  • CPTV and Dog Radio winning state competition.